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New Tenant: Sunshine Nutrition

Healthy fast food is coming to Lansing! Greenamyre Rentals is pleased to welcome Sunshine Nutrition to our Main Street Center.

“This is a nonjudgmental zone,” says Lisa Blas, owner of Sunshine Nutrition. “We’re here to share your journey. This is a positive and fun place where people can come hang out, get an energizing tea or a smoothie.”

Sunshine Nutrition will offer both hot and cold smoothies. “They’re all full of protein, over 21 vitamins, and good nutrition,” says Lisa. “They include meal replacements, smoothies for post-sport activities, and smoothies for kids, too.”

Lisa and her team offer more than quick snacks on the go.

“With every smoothie, you can get a free nutrition consultation with a wellness coach,” says Lisa. “We have a lot of info and can help you come up with a plan if you want to – whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or whatever. We offer one-on-one wellness coaching.”

Lisa has been doing nutrition and wellness coaching for six years. She got interested in it after being a professional ice skater for 16 years. Her husband is in the military and currently deployed. The family moved to Lansing a year ago and now includes three kids – including one born in March.

Lisa is putting the finishing touches on the Sunshine Nutrition space – with a little help.

“There aren’t a lot of spaces in Lansing, and when we found this one and I met Jeremy, I thought, ‘This guy is great,’” Lisa says. “His father is actually doing our construction. We are so blessed because not only is Jeremy great to work with, but his dad is just amazing.”

The Sunshine Nutrition space is bright, cheerful, and cozy. It will be open 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. six days a week. Lisa is looking to expand those hours this summer.

“There’s no coffee shop-style place in Lansing where you can hang out with friends,” says Lisa. “Whether you’re in high school and want to hang out or you’re older and want to have a meeting, this is a place for you.”

Lisa is focused on serving the Lansing community.

“We really look forward to working with all the other local businesses and collaborating with them and local schools and sports teams,” she says. “We can run some events to support them, raise money, raise awareness. That’s a big mission of ours. We really want to support our local community. We welcome those folks to contact us.”

With mouthwatering treats, it won’t be hard to get folks to come to Sunshine Nutrition.

“We have specialty shakes made with the number one nutrition company in the world’s products,” says Lisa. “Flavors like blueberry cheesecake, cinnamon roll, Snickers, and coffee cake. All healthy and full of vitamins, protein, and low in carbs.”

Sunshine Nutrition will open May 1. Lisa and her team will have raffles and other fun stuff throughout the week. You can find them at 816 North Main in Lansing, or visit their Facebook page for more information.

Greenamyre family funds local scholarship

The University of Saint Mary is a pillar of the Leavenworth community. And it’s played a role in the Greenamyre family, too – Marjorie (Besel) Greenamyre having attended when it was still known as Saint Mary College. That’s why we’re pleased to help other students attend the school.

We established the Greenamyre Family Endowed Scholarship decades ago. Currently, it is awarded to Saint Mary students from either the city of Leavenworth, Leavenworth County, or the state of Kansas, who are pursuing a degree in nursing.  Several scholarships averaging $1,500 are given each year. For the 2017-2018 school year, four students received the award.

It’s nice to help students further their educations. But we realize the Greenamyre Family Endowed Scholarship is much more than that.

For our family, it’s about giving back to the school that has such an impact on our town.  The scholarship helps the University of Saint Mary recruit and retain gifted students.  The nursing program is one of the university’s largest and strongest programs.  With more than 200 students currently enrolled, the nursing program is helping to fill the huge need for skilled healthcare workers.

On a personal level, a scholarship helps these students pursue a degree with less debt and fewer worries. And it acts as a bridge for students who might have thought that a college degree was out of their reach.  Mike Greenamyre confidently states, “We feel this money is used efficiently, and is directed toward those highly likely to succeed.”

For the community, the Greenamyre Family Endowed Scholarship helps the University of Saint Mary fulfill its mission. It continues the Sisters of Charity Leavenworth’s tradition of educating students based on their aptitude and desire to succeed – not the size of their bank accounts.  Mike Greenamyre, having attended the Leavenworth Catholic school system in the 1950s and 1960s, continued, “I routinely say that it was the best learning environment, and I am thankful the Sisters of Charity were the foundation of my education.”

It’s an honor to support this fine university and its students. To learn more about the University of Saint Mary, visit

New Tenant: Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry

Going to the dentist can be fun – but if you’ve visited Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry, you already know that. Greenamyre Rentals is pleased to welcome Dr. Robinson Kiser and his friendly team to 2511 South 4th Street in Leavenworth.

“I like to dance, I like to sing songs with the kids,” says Dr. Kiser. “We have a lot of fun here.”

Little Chompers offers a wide range of services for young patients. Whether it’s an initial dental exam, preventative dentistry like mouth guards, or care for special-needs patients, Dr. Kiser is here to help.

“My family moved to Leavenworth in 2014, and we’re so happy to be a part of this community,” he says. “My philosophy is BEE – Bless children, Educate the community, parents, and children, and Eliminate dental caries.”

Dr. Kiser does this work by making dental care accessible.

“We’re a part of this community,” he says. “We accept all insurance. And we accept Medicaid. There’s no other dentist in the area that does, so those kids – who were already having a difficult time getting to appointments – were having to go 45 minutes south to another provider to get their care. Now, they can stay in town and get quality care with us.”

Little Chompers has a brand-new, high-tech facility. At Greenamyre Rentals, we’re glad we were able to help make it a reality.

“Jeremy has been great,” says Dr. Kiser. “Because of his help, we’re able to have a state-of-the-art facility. We have TVs in every room, new chairs, quiet rooms, an open hygiene bay, and different radio stations playing in different rooms. And that’s not even talking about the technical equipment. We have the latest technology with charting and radiographs and x-rays.”

New patients can look forward to a welcoming experience at Little Chompers. The first appointment is a comprehensive oral evaluation.

“We check each tooth and look for any issues,” says Dr. Kiser. “If there’s an issue, we’ll come up with a plan. We’ll probably do a cleaning, and, if it’s a brand-new patient, most likely x-rays if necessary.”

Parents are involved all along the way.

“The more information parents have, the better choices they can make,” says Dr. Kiser. “It’s about the parents feeling like they have control and know what’s going on. We’re focused on alleviating fear and helping kids keep their teeth for their adult lives.”

It’s also about fun.

“I will dance on command if a 5-year-old asks,” says Dr. Kiser.

Want to see it for yourself? You can visit Little Chompers at 2511 South 4th Street in Leavenworth or at You can also reach the office at (913) 250-6583.

New Tenant Location: Poor Richard's Printing

Greenamyre Rentals has provided a home for Poor Richard’s Printing for several years. They offer great service to the Leavenworth community, and we’re glad to have them in the Greenamyre Rentals family.

Now, we’re pleased to announce that Poor Richard’s has expanded. In the middle of March, the shop moved two doors down to 2551 South Fourth Street. It’s a new, bigger space just a few steps away from the shop’s old home.

“It’s all updated,” says Julie Hagan, owner of Poor Richard’s. “Now, FedEx has its own little counter in the shop. Overall, the space is updated and has a better look.”

The location is a little different, but Poor Richard’s still provides the same great service.

“We provide printing, copying, and fax services,” says Julie. “Whether you need business cards, letterhead, brochures, stationery, invitations, banners, car magnets, envelopes – if it can be printed, we can do it.”

Poor Richard’s even prints in wide format. “In black and white, we can do up to 36 inches wide,” says Julie. “For color, we can do up to 24 inches wide here in the shop, but we can order larger sizes out.”

In addition to printing and FedEx, Poor Richard’s also offers notary, binding, fax, and design services.

“It’s always something different,” says Julie. “Working here, you don’t do the same thing day after day. We get to work with local businesses and individuals doing everything from NCR forms to birth announcements. It’s always interesting.”

Poor Richard’s Printing has been serving Leavenworth since 1979. Julie has owned the business for four years.

“At some point, everybody needs to print or ship something,” she says. “We’re a locally owned business and we’re proud to give the people of Leavenworth the kind of service you can’t get anywhere else. No need to drive to Kansas City for your printing needs.”

You can find Poor Richard’s Printing at 2551 South Fourth Street in Leavenworth Visit them at or on Facebook. You can also reach Julie and her team at 913-651-3663.

New Tenant: The Ship It Store

There are some services that a town just needs. Printing and shipping are right up there. That’s why Greenamyre Rentals is excited to welcome The Ship It Store to Lansing.

You can find The Ship It Store at 816 North Main Street. If the space seems familiar, it was the home of Goin’ Postal. Rodney and Sue Myers recently opened The Ship It Store in the same space.

“It’s the same store that Goin’ Postal was, but it’s not a franchise – we’re doing it on our own,” says Sue. “We’ve been talking about going into business for ourselves for years. My husband’s been out of work for three years due to a shoulder injury from his work on wind turbines. And we just thought, ‘Why not now?’”

Sue is retired Air Force, and Rodney’s family is in St. Joe. When they returned from service in Germany, Sue and Rodney settled in Dearborn with their children. But Lansing is feeling like home.

“The community is wonderful here,” says Sue. “I’ve had so many people just come in here to say ‘hi,’ ‘welcome,’ ‘hope you stay,’ or even ‘so happy you’re nice.’ I told my husband, ‘You might be from Missouri, but I might be moving to Kansas.’”

It’s not just the Lansing community that’s welcomed The Ship It Store.

“We shadowed another couple at their store, and they told us about Jeremy and this space,” says Sue. “Jeremy was on a trip, but he responded back to us right away. He and his dad got together and worked out an amazing deal for us. We were out of our comfort zone, but they were so supportive and amazing.”

The Ship It Store offers a full range of printing and shipping services. Sue and Rodney can print everything from business cards and banners to stationery and signs. They provide packing services, and ship FedEx, USPS, DHL, and freight. The Ship It Store also offers bill pay and money orders.

It’s a good fit for the Lansing community, and it’s a good fit for Rodney and Sue as well. “We’ve been blessed with everything,” she says.

To learn more about The Ship It Store, stop in at 816 North Main in Lansing. You can also visit, check out their Facebook page, or give them a call at 913-250-5605.

Worry-Free Living at Gamble's Crossing

Gamble's Crossing, an 11-unit development in Lansing, KS welcomes its first tenants.  The first six units were completed in Winter 2016 and all are occupied.

Each unit is a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom layout.  The house makes for convenient living with in-unit washer/dryer hook-ups, an over-sized garage, a high-efficient HVAC system, and LED lights.

Premium finishing include granite countertops throughout, stainless appliances, heated floor in the kitchen and master bathroom and vaulted ceilings in the living room and kitchen.

The lease rate also includes mowing, landscaping, irrigation, and snow removal.

Phase two will begin in Spring 2017, adding four more 2-bedroom units and a 3-bedroom unit.


Carnegie Lofts - Now Leasing

Greenamyre Rentals is proud to be the leasing agency for the recently-completed, historic rehabilitation project The Carnegie Lofts.  

Constructed in 1900 with funds donated by Andrew Carnegie, the two-story brick and limestone building was the first Carnegie Library in Kansas and is listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

From 1902 to 1987, the building housed the Leavenworth Public Library. From 1987 to 2012, the Carnegie Arts Center was housed in this building. It was a nonprofit organization which taught visual arts, painting, art history, music, dance, pottery and drama in the Leavenworth community for 25 years.

In 2012, upon the disbanding of the non-profit organization, ownership of the building was reverted to the city of Leavenworth, KS.

In 2015, after a request for proposals (RFP) from developers, the city struck a deal with Exact Properties, LLC for the historic redevelopment of the structure.  Exact Properties had recently completed the conversation of the historic Ben Day School into a 25-unit apartment building, Ben Day Lofts.  Greenamyre Rentals we selected as the management agency for Carnegie Lofts.

A ribbon cutting and an open house happened on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.  Read the Leavenworth Times article, here.


New Tenant: Kansas Army National Guard

Greenamyre Rentals is pleased to welcome a new tenant to downtown Leavenworth. The Kansas Army National Guard has opened a recruiting office at 422 Delaware.

“There are several folks that are very familiar with our old site,” says Capt. Christopher Koochel. “We relocated from a storefront that’s very close to the main gate of Fort Leavenworth.”

Now, the recruiting team is getting settled in downtown. But their goal remains the same.

“We want to tell as many people as possible about the benefits we can provide to persons interested in a military career,” says Capt. Koochel. “We are specific to the Kansas Army National Guard – not the reserves, not the active component of the military. The National Guard gives civilians the opportunity to gain exposure to additional career and educational benefits. It helps them build a resume. It gives the opportunity to build leadership experience.”

The initial commitment is one weekend a month and two weeks out of the summer. On average, members of the National Guard receive $250 drill pay per month. That increases exponentially over time with experience. But there are other substantial benefits.

“Additional benefits include health insurance,” says Capt. Koochel. “You can receive insurance for around $50 a month as a single soldier. Coverage for married with unlimited dependents is around $200 a month. I’m an example of that program – it’s a huge benefit.”

Other benefits include:

  • Student loan repayment
  • The opportunity to go to school through the Montgomery GI Bill
  • State tuition assistance
  • Federal tuition assistance

The initial commitment is a six-year contract.

The Kansas National Guard welcomes folks from all parts of the community. “We have firefighters, doctors, police officers, accountants,” says Capt. Koochel. “We have all these civilian folks that have professional, educated, full-time careers. This is a great opportunity for leadership, education, and service to country and state.”

That community focus is a big part of what Koochel and his team do. And it helps make downtown Leavenworth a good fit.

“We’ve had a good experience in our new office,” he says. “Greenamyre didn’t have to do much for us – just clean the floors and replace some light bulbs. It’s been a good experience overall.”

That’s what we like to hear. For more information about the Kansas National Guard, visit You can also find the Leavenworth recruiters on Facebook or give them a call at 785-806-2130.

New Tenant: A Connecting Pointe LLC

We’re pleased to welcome another new tenant to the Greenamyre Rentals family. A Connecting Pointe LLC moved into a new space in downtown Leavenworth at the beginning of the year.

A Connecting Pointe offers services for people with substance-related legal offenses. It provides counseling, monitoring, and evaluations.

Treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all. A Connecting Pointe works with each individual to explore the causes of their substance-use habits. Counselors help people gain insight into how they might change. Then, they help folks develop tools to assist in that change. Clients are encouraged to develop their own solutions, too.

Programs also focus on the cognitive and behavioral aspects of substance use. A Connecting Pointe offers a variety of services:

  • Alcohol and drug education classes: Level I sessions identify abused substances. Then, the sessions identify their effects and problems they can cause. Level II classes focus on the social and emotional impact of substance use.
  • Counseling: Clients work with a counselor to develop a treatment plan. This plan includes guidelines to help maintain sobriety. Counseling is available in English or Spanish.
  • Monitoring: The court usually requires a person on probation or with a diversion agreement to report to a monitor. A Connecting Pointe offers this service in English and Spanish.

In addition, A Connecting Pointe provides theft prevention classes and consultation services. All programs and services are based on a foundation of support and encouragement.

A Connecting Pointe has a location in Olathe. Now, Greenamyre Rentals is pleased to welcome the team to a new center at 424 Delaware in Leavenworth.

To learn more about A Connecting Pointe, visit or call 913-397-0300.

New Tenant: TRIO Educational Opportunity Center

It’s been a busy new year! Greenamyre Rentals is pleased to welcome several new tenants. Among them is TRIO Educational Opportunity Center. The center recently moved in to 100 South 5th Street in Leavenworth.

So what is TRIO?

“TRIO is a federally funded program that started in 1965,” says Eric Patterson, who works in the new office. “We work with first-generation and low-income students. We can work with anyone who is a high school senior or an individual who possibly graduated but never went on to post-secondary education. Or maybe they dropped out of post-secondary education. Or maybe the individual dropped out of high school and wants to get their GED.”

No matter the person’s situation, Eric and his team can help. TRIO helps residents of Leavenworth and Franklin counties figure out how to make their educational and career goals a reality.

“We help with financial management and financial aid and career development,” he says.

The office is funded through a grant from the federal TRIO program. Another TRIO office exists in Kansas City, Kan. The sister programs work together to get the word out about what services are available.

“We’re at Kansas City Community College every Wednesday,” says Eric. “We just hang out and talk to students. All the services we offer, we do all those things there.”

The TRIO team wants people in our community to know that help with education is free, confidential, and readily available.

“We want everyone in Leavenworth to attain the goals they want to reach – and even reach goals they didn’t even know they could,” says Eric. “If someone comes in and doesn’t meet the TRIO criteria, we will still help them. We will not turn people away.”

The TRIO offices are comfortable and welcoming. And it sounds like setting up the new office was fairly easy, too.

“The process of moving into the office has been pretty stress-free,” says Eric. “I think we had an issue with the heat – I called Jeremy and he had somebody out here within the hour.”

At Greenamyre Rentals, we strive to make every move and service call this easy and anxiety-free.

“The rental company has been great,” says Eric. “And the other tenants have been very welcoming, too, which is wonderful.”

Let TRIO welcome you. Visit the TRIO Educational Opportunity Center at 100 South 5th Street in Leavenworth. You can also give them a call at 913-675-7311 to learn more about all the free services they offer.

Read their "Quick 5 Questions" in the Leavenworth Times, here.

New Tenant: Life Family Chiropractic

Greenamyre Rentals is excited to welcome a new tenant to downtown Leavenworth. Dr. Kristen Simpson, D.C., and Life Family Chiropractic are now in a wonderful space at 211-B Delaware St.  “There’s so much positive energy downtown,” says Dr. Simpson. “I’m really excited to be here.”

Life Family Chiropractic offers care for infants, adults, and everyone in between.

“I specialize in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic, and I work with a lot of athletes since I have an athletic background myself,” says Dr. Simpson. “Chiropractic isn’t just about back pain – the nervous system is extremely powerful. There’s so much research in how it influences our immune system, sleep, and overall functioning.”

Everyone can benefit from chiropractic care. “I do a lot of functional-type assessments, depending on what people are doing all day,” says Dr. Simpson. “Construction workers and office workers are going to have different issues. The construction worker may have low-back pain, while the person sitting at a desk may have numbness going down their arms. I look at a lot of different things.”

Research and looking at the big picture is what brought Dr. Simpson to Leavenworth. She grew up in Mound City, Missouri, and was looking for a welcoming small town.

“I chose Leavenworth because I needed a community I could connect with,” she says. “That’s how I was raised. You know the small businesses, the families. People here are eager to connect.”

Dr. Simpson and her husband bought a home in Leavenworth earlier this year. But the last few months have been focused on opening the new practice.

“Working with Greenamyre Rentals has been great. I’m working with Mike and Jeremy and they have been amazing – by far the most helpful people I’ve worked with,” says Dr. Simpson. “They were thinking critically about what the office would look like in the end. We’ve exposed all the brick to give an industrial, modern look. It’s really fantastic. Mike just has a million ideas up his sleeve.”

The end result is a perfect blend of uptown and down home.

“We’ve got a homey feeling and also something that’s impressive,” says Dr. Simpson. “I want patients to feel comfortable and I want to complement the downtown Leavenworth look.”

Greenamyre Rentals has helped Life Family Chiropractic capture that hometown feel.

“In the past, I corresponded with bigger rental companies that weren’t necessarily local – and there’s a huge difference in staying local,” says Dr. Simpson. “Greenamyre Rentals knows the area, they know all the small businesses, and they only work locally. Working with them as been one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

We’re so pleased to welcome Dr. Kristen Simpson and her practice to Leavenworth. To learn more about Life Family Chiropractic, stop in at 211-B Delaware St. or call 913-225-9313.

New Tenant: Serenity Counseling and Wellness Center

Greenamyre Rentals is pleased to welcome another new tenant to downtown Leavenworth. Serenity Counseling and Wellness Center opened at 432 Walnut early this fall.

The center offers a wide variety of mental health services.

“We provide substance-abuse counseling, as well as mental health services,” says owner Menissa Hill-Brox. “We also offer assessments and evaluations, and parenting and anger-management classes as well.”

Serenity Counseling and Wellness Center offers one-on-one counseling, group counseling, and education. Substance-abuse help is available via an intensive program or a level-one outpatient program. The outpatient program allows people to keep their regular schedules while seeking treatment.

Although Serenity is new to Leavenworth, it has been serving Leavenworth citizens for a few years.

“We have a facility in Kansas City, Kansas, and we’ve just opened another facility in Leavenworth,” says Menissa. “We had a lot of clients who were driving from Leavenworth to our KCK facility. Some clients asked why we didn’t have a facility in Leavenworth. It started out as a joke, but then we realized that there is a real need here.”

Menissa is joined in the new space by counselors Jason Donlon and Justin Bastin. All three are experienced and credentialed substance abuse counselors. They offer services on sliding fee scales and accept insurance.

Taking the first step toward treatment can be challenging. But Serenity Counseling and Wellness Center makes it easy.

“We encourage people to look at our website at,” says Menissa. “Feel free to email us, because for some folks, it’s easier to email. And if you have questions regarding our services, call or come in for a tour of the facility.”

The new space in Leavenworth is welcoming, and it didn’t take much for Menissa and her team to feel at home.

“We had to have a wall knocked out, but no other remodeling had to be done,” she says. “Greenamyre Rentals was easy to reach, and they explained everything in a very detailed way. The experience working with them has been pretty awesome.”

We’re excited to welcome Serenity Counseling and Wellness Center to downtown Leavenworth. You can find it at 432 Walnut or You can also call 913-766-5414 for more information.

New Tenant: Wealcan

Greenamyre Rentals is pleased to provide a home for one of Leavenworth’s newest businesses. Wealcan is a medical product and equipment distributor. They just opened their doors in August.

“We’re very excited to be here and hopefully make a difference in the community,” says Devin Winter of Wealcan. “There were no resources in Leavenworth for people who need things like lymphedema garments or orthopedics. There’s lots of need, but there was no one to serve this population.”

Now that’s changed. Wealcan has a 4,000 square foot location at 721 Metropolitan Ave., Suite A in Leavenworth. It’s just off post and offers a wide range of products. You’ll find everything from foot orthotics to medical stockings to therapeutic tape. Most importantly, you’ll find people who are specially trained to recommend and fit the right gear for each individual.

“We specialize in different medical equipment and supplies, so we’re all trained to fit and measure these products,” says Devin. “Orthotic inserts, diabetic shoes, bracing, orthopedic support – that’s what we specialize in.”

Wealcan serves a wide range of customers. “We help athletes with bracing and kids with orthotics. We help people with lymphedema with compression garments. We are certified to measure custom garments,” says Devin.

The Wealcan team can make sure you get the right item and the right fit. They have a lot of product knowledge and most items are in-stock. Devin and his team are also happy to special order anything you need.  At Greenamyre Rentals, we share that same can-do attitude. And we’re happy it’s made life easier for the folks at Wealcan.

“Working with Greenamyre has been an absolutely awesome experience,” says Devin. “They’re very easy to work with and make things really easy for us. They worked with us to make this experience as fun as possible.

“We didn’t have to remodel, but there were some cosmetic things to take care of. Greenamyre was very responsive. They took care of things within just a few days. We’re very happy to be here.”

And we’re very happy to welcome Wealcan to the Leavenworth community. You can visit the store at 721 Metropolitan Ave., Suite A, or at You can also reach them at 913-297-3066.

New Tenant: Cricket Wireless

Greenamyre Rentals is excited to welcome our newest tenant. Cricket Wireless recently opened in the Main Street Center in Lansing.

?“It’s a completely new store,” says Greg Finley of Cricket Wireless. “Greenamyre constructed a new space for us there. Keith, Jeremy, and Mike have done a wonderful job doing that for us.”

The new store is in part of the space formerly occupied by a grocery store. Now, Cricket Wireless has a welcoming store brimming with good deals.

“We have great rate plans,” Greg says. “We offer all the handsets – from the iPhone 6S to the Galaxy 7 – that you’d expect from any wireless provider. And we offer them at reasonable rates.”

Although rates are affordable, service is still high-end.

“You get a lot more bang for your buck with Cricket Wireless,” Greg says. “AT&T purchased Cricket Wireless in 2014, so you’re basically using AT&T towers, but it’s a lot less expensive. The average wireless bill is $50 a month, and that’s inclusive.”

Cricket Wireless also offers incentives for new customers.

“We have a $50 bill credit if you want to switch from another carrier,” Greg says. “We also have a vast array of discounted handsets for switching customers. The iPhone 6S is discounted and the Galaxy 6 is discounted, too.”

This is the first Cricket Wireless store in town. Greenamyre Rentals has been pleased to welcome the company to Lansing and help Greg and his team get the space ready.

“We have several locations in the Kansas City area, and opening this one has been a breeze,” Greg says.

Visit Cricket Wireless at 832 North Main Street in Lansing. You can also check out their rates, handsets, and more at


New Tenant: Eric Anderson, DMD

Dr. Eric Anderson recently moved to Leavenworth to take over the orthodontics practice of Dr. Michael Albright. Greenamyre Rentals is excited to welcome Dr. Anderson to the area.

“I grew up in Oregon and then went to dental school in Oregon,” Dr. Anderson says. “I ended up going to Boston for orthodontics, and now I’ve settled somewhere in between the two.”

Although Leavenworth is a new community for Dr. Anderson, it’s a great fit.

“I grew up in a farming community,” he says. “I like the sense of family you get with a smaller town. And when my family went out to Boston, we planned a road trip across the country, and stayed in Kansas for a few days – we really liked it. When we were looking at where we wanted to move, Kansas was one of the states we said, ‘We could live here.’”

Dr. Anderson and his wife have three children. While he is getting his practice set up, his wife and kids are finishing out the school year in Massachusetts. They’ll move to Leavenworth in the summer.

“I like Leavenworth a lot,” he says. “People are very friendly and very welcoming. The patients are good patients, and they brush most of the time.”

No mention of whether his patients floss. Dr. Anderson focuses on orthodontics – braces and Invisalign.

“Anyone who is interested in braces – adult or child – can stop by for a free consultation,” he says. “The exam is completely free. It’s a good opportunity to see how braces can work for you.”

Dr. Anderson’s offices are at 121 Delaware in Leavenworth. It’s a Greenamyre Rentals property, and we’ve been pleased to help Dr. Anderson get settled.

“Working with Greenamyre has been excellent,” he says. “I’ve been in contact with Jeremy and he’s been really quick to get back to me. The other thing I like is the rental contracts and agreements are very straightforward. A lot of the time, you look at a rental contract and there’s a lot of legalese that’s not useful. But Greenamyre’s documentation is very straightforward.

“They’ve been great to work with. Buying a practice, you have to switch over phones, rentals, everything. They’ve been very patient with me as I did what I needed to do.”

We’re glad to help. You can learn more about Dr. Anderson’s practice by calling 913-651-5040. You can also stop by the office at 121 Delaware.

New Tenant: Alliance Against Family Violence

At Greenamyre Rentals, we’re pleased to welcome a new tenant that’s making a difference in our community. The Alliance Against Family Violence (AAFV) moved into offices at 106 and 108 South 5th St., December 2015.

“It’s amazing,” says Whitney Lozenski, interim director of administration at AAFV. “It’s definitely not bigger than our old space – we came from the old Xavier school building. It was massive but expensive with utilities. One of our board members works with Greenamyre, and helped us find this space. It’s much more inviting.”

AAFV is utilizing its new space in a few different ways. One half houses administrative services and the domestic violence prevention program. This 26-week program takes place in an intensive group setting. It holds batterers accountable, and aims to end violence in the community.

The other half of the space is home to the Child Advocacy Center of Leavenworth County (CAC).

“Whenever there’s any kind of domestic violence situation, when a child has been physically or sexually abused or has witnessed abuse, the child can be interviewed at the CAC,” says Whitney. These forensic interviews are recorded and witnessed by law enforcement. The hope is that the video can be used in court so that the child doesn’t have to appear and face the abuser.

The CAC averages about 15 of these interviews each month. They work with all local law enforcement agencies, and coordinate services to children and their families. The CAC strives to reduce the number of times a child must make a statement, hopefully also reducing the child’s trauma.

“Our new space is much more inviting for the children,” says Whitney. “Greenamyre Rentals let us paint, and we’re getting our decorating done. It’s a safe environment. Children don’t feel ashamed for coming in – they feel welcomed.”

All of AAFV’s new space has been painted and generally spruced up. “One of the rooms is a resource room and a meeting room, so we’ve added bookshelves in there,” says Whitney. “It’s homey and much more comfortable than our old space.”

Greenamyre Rentals is always happy to help our tenants, even with unique needs.

“Greenamyre Rentals has been really helpful, especially with our CAC space,” says Whitney. “We have to soundproof our interview rooms, and they’re helping with that. And if we need anything, maintenance arrives really quickly. We’re really happy to be working with them. We really appreciate them renting to our agency and we think it’s going to be a really great move for us.”

We’re pleased to work with an organization that helps so many people. To learn more about AAFV, stop by the offices between 8 and 4 daily, or visit The confidential crisis line is also available 24 hours a day at 913-682-9131.

Tenant Expansion: Deborah A. King, M.A. and Associates, Inc.

One of the nice things about offering so many rental properties is that we can find the perfect location for each tenant. If someone outgrows their space, Greenamyre Rentals has many other options.

That’s what happened with Deborah A. King, M.A. and Associates, Inc. Deborah and her team of therapists started working out of one of our buildings in downtown Leavenworth about three years ago.

“We’ve been growing,” Deborah says. “We started out in a space at 113 Delaware, then we doubled that, then tripled that. Now, we’re moving to a new space at 721 Metropolitan.”

Deborah started her business in 1978, and now has locations in Leavenworth, Shawnee Mission, and North Kansas City. She employs about 50 therapists, and they offer everything from physical therapy to occupational therapy to speech therapy.

“We have specialists in just about every type of physical therapy, including a very good hand specialist,” Deborah says. “We have speech, occupational, and physical therapy aimed at people with autism. We work with voice problems and swallowing problems. We work with people of all ages – children and adults. That’s not very common, and it’s pretty unique that we have specialists in all areas.”


The new space was carefully designed to accommodate this wide variety of clients.

“We have one side of the waiting room for adults, and the other side for children,” Deborah says. “We found that sometimes the children would irritate the adults, so we designed with that in mind. All the children’s activities are on one side and all the adults are on the other.”

Keith Sanders with Greenamyre coordinated the renovation of the space.

“Keith, who has been managing the project, has just been terrific,” Deborah says. “And Greenamyre as a whole? They’re definitely easier to deal with than any of my other landlords in the Kansas City area. They always respond whenever we call and we haven’t had any hang-ups. I can’t say anything bad about them – they’re wonderful.”

That’s what we like to hear. At Greenamyre Rentals, we strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients. Deborah does the same.

“A lot of my therapists have worked for me for a long time – some of them as long as 25 years,” she says. “This helps us build long-term relationships with our patients as well.”

To learn more about Deborah A. King, M.A. and Associates, Inc., visit You can also call 913-362-7518 for more information.

New Tenant: Family First

Greenamyre Rentals is excited to welcome Family First Center for Autism and Child Development to Leavenworth. Family First recently opened a location at 629 Pawnee to serve the needs of the Leavenworth community.

“Family First is a center-based program aimed at meeting the needs of children on the autism spectrum,” says Dr. Farrell Weiers, director of the center. “We provide therapy based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in both a one-on-one and small-group environment. Most of the children we serve receive between 10-30 hours of therapy a week.”

Family First has enjoyed a location in northern Kansas City. Now, they’re pleased to open a second facility in Leavenworth.  
“We opened a new program in Leavenworth because, quite frankly, why wouldn’t we?” says Farrell. “Leavenworth is such a beautiful, quaint, historic town that is a joy to visit. The people are incredibly friendly and have welcomed us with open arms. We were asked on several occasions to expand to the Leavenworth area due to the need for additional providers, and we are thrilled to be here!”

Family First provides specialized, high-quality care. “We require that all of our behavior specialists have a college degree,” says Farrell. “Each of our behavior specialists receive approximately an hour each week of ongoing training and supervision from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).”

Farrell and his team help families address the unique needs of kids on the autism spectrum.

“Before we started Family First, we spent quite a bit of time interviewing families and asking them to describe their unique life experiences and family needs,” says Farrell. “Families told us things such as, ‘We definitely love our children, but it would be nice to be able to have lunch out with a friend now and then or be able to buy our groceries without chaos.’ We heard, ‘My child wants to have friends so badly, but they just don’t seem to know how to go about it.’

“Based on the information we gathered from families, we decided that a center-based program would give family members the gift of a little time to go on a date with their spouse, meet a friend for coffee, or enjoy a board game with their other children, while knowing that their child on the autism spectrum was learning new skills and spending time making new friends.”

Greenamyre Rentals is pleased to help Family First provide a welcoming environment for this important work.

“Greenamyre has made the transition into a new facility as stress-free as possible,” says Farrell. “Jeremy made it feel welcoming, and any small concern that arose was handled in a very efficient and courteous manner. I would recommend Greenamyre to any professional looking to transition to a new space.”

Learn more about Family First at

New Tenant: DeGoler Pharmacy

We’re pleased to welcome DeGoler Pharmacy to the Greenamyre Rentals family. This locally owned pharmacy recently opened a location at 2nd and Delaware in historic downtown Leavenworth.

“We opened our doors on August 3,” says Glenn Harte, pharmacist and owner of DeGoler Pharmacy. With the new location, the pharmacy has seven locations in Kansas City, Kan., Bonner Springs, and Leavenworth.

Although the pharmacy is new to Leavenworth, it has a long and storied history in the area. Harvey DeGoler started the pharmacy in KCK in 1928. His son Jim took it over in the 50s. In 2001, Glenn purchased the business.

Throughout its history, DeGoler Pharmacy has focused on serving the community with personalized service.

“We really hang our hat on the customer service aspect of it,” says Glenn. “If a patient goes to CVS, it’s highly unlikely that the pharmacist knows who they are. Here, it’s more relationship-driven. We build relationships with our customers and make sure we take care of their needs.”

DeGoler Pharmacy offers unique services like free delivery and specialty compounding. The pharmacy also offers a 20 percent discount for current and former military.

“I’m a veteran myself,” says Glenn. “I spent 4 years in the Air Force. I want to take care of our servicemen and women.”

Since the early-August opening in Leavenworth, DeGoler Pharmacy has received a warm welcome from the community.

“It’s been a really great response,” says Glenn. “When Corner Pharmacy closed, that left an opening for a local, personalized pharmacy. Those clients don’t want to go to a big-box retailer. They want an independent pharmacy, and that’s what we are.

“We’re happy to be in the community. It’s that old type of store where we can get to know our customers, and we’re looking forward to serving the community.”

At Greenamyre Rentals, we’re excited to serve Glenn and his business. We worked with him to create an amazing, rustic setting for DeGoler Pharmacy.

“Jeremy Greenamyre has been great,” Glenn says. “They’ve all been very accommodating for any requests we have, and the space is awesome. That’s what turned me on to that area was the building – it has that old-fashioned feeling. And I have nothing but good things to say about Jeremy.”

We’re so pleased to support new businesses in downtown Leavenworth. Learn more about DeGoler Pharmacy at You can also reach the new Leavenworth location at 913-747-7830.

New Tenant: KKLO Fox News Radio

KKLO radio has a new owner and a sharp new office and studio. Greenamyre Rentals is pleased to welcome Vision Communications and KKLO to their new home at 324 Santa Fe in Leavenworth.
“We really like it here,” says R.C. Amer Jr., president of Vision Communications. “We were looking for something not too large and not too small, and something already fixed up.”

Although R.C. and his team have added a studio to their new office, the big changes are on the air. KKLO changed formats from religious programming to talk radio on June 1. This new format has a robust following, and the radio medium is as strong as ever.

“I’ve been in radio for 25 years,” says R.C. “I started working at a station in Springfield right before it went on the air, and I worked my way up. I eventually bought it and bought another station.

“The opportunity in Leavenworth was looming out there – it was an underdeveloped property. It felt like somebody should take it and do something with it.”

KKLO is now offering a mix of conservative political talk and business talk.

“It was time for a bold move,” says R.C. “We want to make the station interesting and compelling and create value for listeners and advertisers.”

Vision Communications is working to make KKLO mobile, too. They’ve developed an app so listeners can tune in on the go. The Android version is done, and the Apple version is soon to follow.

When it came time to find office space, R.C. had broad horizons.

“We thought about putting our offices more in the Overland Park area,” he says. “But after we visited around the community, there was a hunger for something more local in the Leavenworth area.”

And R.C.’s experience with Greenamyre Rentals?

“Jeremy was very prompt and helpful when we started talking to them about space,” says R.C. “Our dialogue didn’t last that long because we both knew what the parameters were. We made a deal quickly – I think during our first meeting.”

The office at 324 Santa Fe is a good fit. “They had the space nicely prepared for us on the day we moved in,” R.C. says. “The neighbors have all been friendly, it’s easy to access – we like it.”

We like our great tenants! Find KKLO at 1410 on the AM dial. You can also listen live, find schedules, and download the app at

New Tenant: Kare Pharmacy

Greenamyre Rentals is pleased to welcome Kare Pharmacy to historic downtown Leavenworth.

The independent pharmacy opened its doors at 426 Delaware on June 15. Pharmacist Karishma Khandelwal launched this location to serve customers of longtime downtown institution The Corner Pharmacy, which closed in March. Kare Pharmacy has served Lansing for two years, and is pleased to have a second location in downtown Leavenworth.

“We’re truly a local pharmacy,” says Karishma. “We just hired the senior pharmacist from a local CVS. Douglas Schimke is the new lead pharmacist at our Leavenworth location.”

Kare Pharmacy not only fills regular prescriptions, but also offers compounding. With this service, personalized medication is manufactured on site. Karishma, Doug, and their team offer the only compounding service in the Leavenworth and Lansing areas. They also provide free home delivery.

Another unique offering is compression fittings. Kare Pharmacy staff provides personalized fittings for therapeutic compression garments.

In addition to pharmaceutical and medical needs, Kare Pharmacy also carries light groceries. Patients of the pharmacy can get a $1.99 gallon of milk all day, every day. “We offer vitamin D, two percent, skim – it’s all $1.99 for our pharmacy customers,” says Karishma. “The regular price is $3.49 if you’ve never filled a prescription with us.”

This unique offering is a great example of the personalized service Kare Pharmacy gives its customers. It’s the same type of care Greenamyre Rentals provides its tenants, too.

“Our experience with Greenamyre has been nothing but phenomenal,” says Karishma. “We used to be in a different location that wasn’t in a building managed by Jeremy or his team. We could see a huge difference in terms of how well we are treated, in terms of attention and getting questions answered.

“We had a door issue in the other location. After six months of reminders, we finally got it fixed ourselves. We had a similar situation here, and it was fixed the next day. Jeremy had his team out right away. It’s a day and night difference.”

That’s what we like to hear. Greenamyre Rentals is pleased to welcome Kare Pharmacy, and we’re proud to provide outstanding service to all of our tenants.

Learn more about Kare Pharmacy at or call 913-727-KARE (5273).

New Tenant: The Herb Charmer

The Herb Charmer LLC

Greenamyre Rentals is pleased to announce our newest commercial tenant, Kristen Adams, owner ofThe Herb Charmer LLC.  Catering to Leavenworth practitioners of all things metaphysical since 2012, the Herb Charmer offers a wide variety of food-grade herbs and teas, crystals, candles, soaps, jewelry, carved boxes, leather journals, incense and fragrance, and essential oils. Kristen balances her inventory largely between what local artisans produce and a wide variety of items imported from India.

 The Herb Charmer LLC

The idea for the shop came from a friend of Kristen’s with a similar shop. When her friend was preparing to move and retire, she encouraged Kristen to start her own metaphysics shop.  She did, and she hasn’t looked back. Describing the best part of her job, Kristen says, “I get to do something that I love and that I believe in.”

Owning the Herb Charmer fits well with Kristen’s ideas of spirituality, and according to her, “I have the best boss I could ever ask for.”

 The Herb Charmer LLC

Kristen is currently developing several courses you can attend this fall. Most classes will be small discussion groups of about six to eight people. The classes will be free, but good will donation will be accepted. She also has a talented tarot reader visit the store twice per month and a Reiki Master that offers Reiki sessions. Keep an eye on the Herb Charmer’s Facebook page for more information.

When asked about her experience working with Greenamyre Rentals – we had to ask – Kristen replied, “Jeremy has been very nice to work with. I really appreciate all of the respect and assistance I have gotten from Jeremy and his staff.”

Be sure to stop by and say hello. The Herb Charmer is located at 130 Cherokee Street, Leavenworth, KS 66048. You can also call the store directly at (913) 306-7084.

New Tenant Update: Trumpet Behavioral Health Accepting New Patients

We’re honored to welcome our newest tenant, Trumpet Behavioral Health, to their new location at 119 Delaware Street in Leavenworth. We recently had an opportunity to chat with Dr. Tyra Sellers to learn more about the great work TBH has been providing to children of military families in our area.

Clearly you’ve been around for a while and have had much success across the country in Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy. What prompted you to establish a location in Leavenworth, Kansas, specifically?

We have been serving military families across the country, and in the Leavenworth area, for several years. We work closely with our military contacts and families to gather information about their needs and the needs of the community, and we heard loud and clear that Leavenworth community was in dire need of a center in their area. Some families have been driving 45-60 minutes one way to receive center-based services.
How big is your practice locally? What size community does it serve?

We serve approximately 20 clients in the Leavenworth area, a total of about 40 across KS/MO, and around 800 across the country. We do not provide residential services in the KS/MO areas.

Why the focus on military families specifically? Is that organizational or specific to the Leavenworth treatment facility?

TBH has many locations near a variety of military bases. We pride ourselves in providing quality services to individuals, their families, and the community. While we are proud to serve all of our clients, we are particularly proud that we can help to maximize the potential of the children of those serving our country. So, while it was not a calculated focus, we are very happy and honored to work with the amazing military families across our divisions.

With your other metro location in Lee’s Summit on the Missouri side, are you (literally) trying to corner the market? Are you planning to open other locations in the area?

TBH does have an office in Lee's Summit, but we do not currently provide a high volume of services to clients in that area. We do serve a large number of clients in the Warrensburg area, farther south. No, we do not want to "corner the market." We would love to expand, and bring the excellent ABA services that TBH prides itself on to as many families as we can. However, no one company can provide services to all individuals in need of ABA program, nor should families only have one choice.  

How long have you operated in Leavenworth?

We have provided services to families in the Leavenworth area for at least two and half years now.

What were you looking for in choosing this location?

We were looking for a safe, friendly, well located building. One of TBH's five core values is "clients first." So, we wanted a location that was accessible to our families and that would look inviting and provide adequate space for individual and group therapy. There are some slight modifications that we might need to make down the road, as we expand, but yes, currently it does meet our expectations.

We’re excited to have Trumpet Behavioral Health as a tenant and as a provider of these much needed services to our military families. If you are interested in learning more about their services, contact Dr. Sellers at (816) 802-6969.

New Tenant Update: Just Kid N Daycare Opens New Location

Are you in the market for new daycare options for your kids aged 12 and under? Check out one of our newest tenants, Just Kid N, at its new location, 2030 Spruce. Just Kid N is open weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., though they can be flexible with parents’ sometimes hectic schedules.

Quality Care in a Laid Back Atmosphere
From meals to lesson plans to creative projects, everything Just Kid N does is focused on the child. Owner and director Kristan Branson has operated Just Kid N in Leavenworth for 12+ years. Kristan has a Bachelor’s Degree in early childhood education, accounting, and business management. She has training in nutrition, Early Head Start, CPR and First Aid as well as preschool curriculum development.

Kristan’s business partner, Jennifer Hull, brings more than nine years experience and also has training in Early Childhood Education, CPR and First Aid. All onsite personnel maintain current certifications in CPR/First Aid, SIDS, Signs and Symptoms, and nutrition training.
Just Kid N Interior
Kristan, Jennifer and their staff work hard at fostering a relaxed environment so that their kids can focus on learning and fun.

Just Kid N operates two facilities, a School Aged Center licensed for 30 children and the Preschool/Childcare Center with a capacity of 38. Weekly and monthly contracts are now available. Just Kid N is DCF (SRS) approved for lower income families with childcare benefits, too.

Date Night?
‘Tis the season for cabin fever, right? If you and your little ones could use the occasional break from each other, Just Kid N will be offering “Kid Free Nights” to any parents in the community 1-2 nights per week from 6:00 p.m. to midnight whether or not your children are enrolled. All Kid Free Nights will be announced in advance on the Just Kid N Facebook page.

Working with Greenamyre Rentals
We’re excited to have Just Kid N as a tenant and enjoy working with Kristan. She was kind enough to share a few thoughts about working with us.

“… What (interactions) I have had with them has been the greatest experience so far! They have been extremely supportive with my new business opening, helpful with everything from blueprints, to rent delays, to replacing heaters. They have invested huge amounts of money into the property I am leasing and haven’t batted an eye. I can simply send an email, make a call or send a text and within the day, hour or minutes I am getting a call or message of when someone will be to me to fix a problem. The persons who come out to help are professional and helpful and very quick, and go above and beyond what they have to do.  I can only hope our relationship will be long term.”

If you’re looking for professional, quality childcare, give Kristan and Jennifer a call at (913) 758-1120.

New Tenant Update: Be.YOU.tiful Hair Studio Redefines Style

We’d like to welcome one of our newest tenants to downtown Leavenworth. Be.YOU.tiful Hair Studio is open for business!

You might recognize proprietor Kelly Schrick. She’s been styling hair in Be.YOU.tiful Hair Studio welcomes you.Leavenworth since 2006. Feeling the need to venture out on her own, she and husband Richie scouted locations around Leavenworth for three months this spring and were drawn over and over to their current location at 203-B Delaware Street.

The exposed brick walls, large storefront space and easy access to on- and off-street public parking influenced their decision to set up shop on 2nd and Delaware. Richie invested time remodeling the interior to create an urban, contemporary feel that matches Kelly’s style.

Currently, Kelly, two stylists and one nail technician operate out of the full service Be.YOU.tiful Hair Studio. Together, they provide the following services for women, children and men:

  • Style – Shampoo, cut, extensions, blowout, up-do.
  • Color – Base, highlights (accent, partial, full), Ombre/Balayage, tone enhancement, eyebrow and lash tint.
  • Texture – Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment, permanent straightener.
  • Treatment – Shine glossing, deep conditioning, reconstructive treatment.
  • Waxing – Brow, lip, chin, or sideburns.
  • Nails – Manicures (express, spa, gel, men’s), gel fills, gel soak off, full set acrylic, acrylic soak off, express and spa pedicures, and men’s foot treatments.

Be.YOU.tiful Hair Studio interiorWe’re excited to have Kelly as a tenant and business is booming. We wish her much success! Check out the Be.YOU.tiful Hair Studio Facebook page for photos of their recent Grand Opening celebration. Call Kelly at 913-651-0165 to book your appointment today.

Greenamyre Rentals Client Leavenworth Travel Relocates to Delaware (Street)

When Jeremy Greenamyre approached his long-time tenant, Leavenworth Travel, about a newly renovated property in downtown Leavenworth, owner Heidi Patrick jumped at the chance to move to the heart of the action. Actually, she carefully considered factors such as foot traffic, parking availability and square footage.

The renovated space on Delaware fit all her business needs. Situated across the street from a public parking lot and in line with a number of other small businesses, the Delaware Street location promises to invite even more traffic through Heidi’s doors. The new, deep blue paint job and Heidi’s decorations create a relaxed, tropical feeling as soon as you enter the space.

Heidi cites ease and responsiveness as the two main characteristics of working with Greenamyre Rentals. “The relocation was really good … the smoothest move I’ve ever made. Jeremy and his team were very responsive throughout the process, so the transition was a breeze.” She also states that the contracting process to establish the new lease was simple and easy.

Surviving in Digital World

Heidi cites a human touch as the key to surviving as a brick-and-mortar agency in the age of endless online competitors. “Some people just want to deal with … a person,” she said. “Pulling up five or six choices on a website can be overwhelming.” In keeping with the times, Leavenworth Travel no longer prints tickets. For the traveler’s convenience, all ticketing is done electronically. Many of Heidi’s individual or corporate clients will stop by the day before their trip to check in and retrieve their boarding passes.

When asked about her client base, Heidi replied, “We serve anyone who needs help, even down to a bus ticket. We don’t actually sell bus tickets, but will assist with making the purchase online.” Heidi relies on her years of experience – she’s been with Leavenworth Travel since 1998 and assumed ownership in January, 2012 – to provide her clients with first-hand knowledge of Disney World packages as well as many of the resorts dotting the islands of the Caribbean. While she books travelers for trips around the globe, by her own experience, she offers the greatest insights when it comes to Disney or the Sandals resorts in particular.

That personal knowledge as well as anecdotes she collects from clients who come back to her to share details of their trips helps Heidi plan the perfect vacation for each traveler. “We don’t want to book just a trip. Our goal is to make sure it’s the trip our customers dream of.”

Leavenworth Travel is open from 9:00-5:00 weekdays and by appointment on evenings and weekends. The new office is located at 113 Delaware Street, Suite E. You can reach Heidi by phone at 913-651-6900 or by email at

Greenamyre Rentals Announces Tenant Referral Program

Greenamyre Rentals is happy to announce our new referral program aimed at putting money in your pocket and helping your friends and family. 

Do you have a friend or family member who is looking for a new apartment or house in Leavenworth or Lansing? Have them contact us (link to contact page) and you can earn 10% to 20% of the monthly rent amount of their new apartment or house. You’ll benefit 10% for a 6 month or more lease, and 20% for a one year lease. For example, if you refer us a tenant that signs a lease for 6 months or more, and the rent is $1000, you'll receive $100 off your next months rent. If their lease is for a full year, you’ll get $200 off your next month's rent.

It's that easy!  At the same time, you’re helping your friends and family find a quality home, apartment, townhome, senior living or new loft.  You can reassure them that we screen all of our tenants to ensure the upmost safety and security and that our main focus is on quality and tenant satisfaction. If/When you refer someone, please call our office at (913) 651-9717 and let us know that you’re sending them over.  We’ll also have them mark your name on the application. When their lease has been finalized, we'll contact you to let you know when your credit will be applied.  

Thanks in advance for your referrals and let us know if you have questions

Greenamyre Rentals

Lansing to Welcome Jimmy Johns

You can never have enough good places to eat. Jimmy Johns will move into the old Daniel’s Bar-B-Q location at 834 Main St., Lansing, Spring 2009. Greenamyre Rentals had this space on the market for less than 30 days before it was under contract. For menu information, check

Greenamyre Rentals to develop Main Gate Office Park

Greenamyre Rentals recently purchased the old Pizza Hut building at 7th & Metropolitan to redevelop as an office park. Preliminary site plans indicate up to 30,000 sq. ft. of office space is possible. The 1.9 acres development will feature two buildings (20,000 and 10,000) and will have a campus feel. The location, at the entrance to Ft. Leavenworth, is unbeatable. The first 4300 sq. ft. is under lease and is expected to be occupied by July 2009. For more information, contact Jeremy Greenamyre, (913) 651-9717.

Construction of North 7th St. Office Building Started

Greenamyre Rentals’ most recent commercial venture is out of the ground. The 3400 sq. ft. office/professional building at N. 7th St. & Pawnee St. is slated for completion in late-Spring 2009. The building is only three blocks from Ft. Leavenworth and includes on-site parking. Three space options are available: 1256 sq. ft., 2079 sq. ft., 3361 sq. ft. For more information, contact Jeremy Greenamyre at (913) 651-9717.


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