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Q: Where is your office located?

A: Our rental office is about 2.5 miles south of Ft. Leavenworth, located on S. 2nd Street. Turn east off of 4th St. (K-7) by the CVS Pharmacy onto Limit Street, and then north (left) onto S. 2nd Street.

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Q: When is rent due?

A: Rent is due on 1st of each month & late after 5th. If the 5th fall on a weekend or a holiday, rent is due by close of business the next business day.

Q: Is there a late fee?

A: Yes, $10.00 per day.

Q: How much will be my security deposit be?

A: Security deposits are equal to one month’s rent.

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: Certain property only; please inquire to the office at (913) 651-9717.

Q: Is there a pet deposit?

A: Yes, pet deposits are equal to one-half the amount of the security deposit.

Q: Where can I find information for local utility companies?

A: Visit our utilities contact information page.

Q: What school districts will my kid(s) attend?

A: As you are searching for a home, duplex or apartment, school district information will be provided on the detail page of each property. Learn more about Leavenworth and Lansing schools.

Q: What if I need to report a maintenance issue?

A: To report a maintenance issue, please submit a work order or call the Greenamyre rentals office at (913) 651-9717.

Q: Do you offer short term leases?

A: Yes, it depends on the property and length of a lease. Inquire to the Greenamyre Rentals office.

Q: Do you have furnished units?

A: Yes, we have some furnished apartments. We can also help with leasing furniture from a 3rd party.

Q: Where can I rent furniture?

A: Visit our home furnishings page to learn more.

Q: Can I have a Satellite Dish at my house?

A: This is a case-by-case basis. If allowed, you will need a permission letter from Greenamyre Rentals – call the office at (913) 651-9717.

Q: Are there good restaurants in the area?

A: Yes, visit our restaurant and bars page to view our recommendations.

Q: What if I need to move due to a change of military orders or a Gov. work reassignment?

A: You must present Greenamyre Rentals with a copy of your change of orders at least 30 days prior to your departure.

Q: What if I need to break my lease?

A: Greenamyre Rentals will continue to charge you rent until your unit is re-rented or your lease expires. We also offer a lease buyout that is equal to two months of rent, forfeiture of a security deposit, and a clean home and carpet.

Q: Do you offer month-to-month lease?

A: We allow month-to-month leases after the completion of the first year lease.

Q: How do you qualify new applicants?

A: If married, we qualify on both incomes. Individuals must qualify separately. Each applicant must have a job history – minimum of 3 months, and no more than 30% of your income can go towards rent. Click here to fill out our rental application.

Q: Does Greenamyre Rentals perform a credit check?

A: We reserve the right to run credit checks.

Q: Who maintains my house?

A: Greenamyre Rentals is responsible for regular maintenance; please call the office to request a work order. Extraordinary damage will be levied against your security deposit.

Q: Upon move out, what am I responsible for?

A: All units must be returned to the level of cleanliness as when they were rented. Carpets must be cleaned by a professional company. If you choose not to clean the house or use a professional carpet cleaning company, we will dispatch a company and levy the cost(s) against your security deposit.

Q: After I move out, how long before I get my security deposit refunded?

A: Legally, the State of Kansas allows a landlord up to four weeks after move out to return a security deposit. However, Greenamyre Rentals usually returns deposits within two weeks.

Q: Can I get a discount for a more than a one-year lease?

A: Yes, inquire with the Greenamyre Rentals office at (913) 651-9717.

Q: Can you provide a washer and dryer?

A: Yes, we charge an additional $50 per month for a washer and dryer.

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