Property Management

No matter your situation, we can provide to your needs.

Property Management

Since 1965, Greenamyre Rentals, Inc. has been involved in multi-family and commercial property management and development.  As one of the largest property owners in Leavenworth County, we know what it takes to lease and maintain properties…including yours.  Our experienced team of management and maintenance professionals know how to handle just about everything when it comes to multi-family and commercial properties.

Minimize Problems, Maximize Rent

We realize you have many things to worry about other than your business. investment. Why not leave that investment in the hands of a seasoned team that is focused on maximizing your return?

No matter your situation, we can provide the necessary maintenance and leasing services to keep your business looking great, functioning properly and bringing in the rent you need.

For more information, call (913) 651-9717 or use the Contact Us form.

As a property management customer, you will receive the following:

Leasing – Finding qualified tenants and rent negotiation.

24/7 Maintenance – Protect your investment all day, every day.

Online marketing – You benefit from our pay-per-click and social media advertising.

Preferred pricing with select vendors and suppliers.

For customers who like a little something extra for their properties, we are able to add on other maintenance services. Example: lawn and landscaping, seasonal HVAC maintenance, and yearly gutter cleaning. 

Need Construction Services?

Since our foundation in 1965, Greenamyre Rentals has been remodeling and developing properties in the Leavenworth and Lansing area.